Erin Bannister Townsend"Landscape is the architecture of Erin Bannister Townsend's painting and drawing.
Part of her process are the walks she takes in the mountains, coastal landscapes and streets of Oxford - the basis of her subjects in this exhibition.  Oxford (where she trained at the Ruskin before her time at the Royal Academy Schools) has been her home since 1982. She paints from life, setting up her easel in these dramatic locations (or retreating to her car when the weather dictates) to catch the operatic effects of ever-changing light, the inspiration for her work."

Sally Hunter in Medici Gallery Catalogue, London.


I work from life, whether outdoors, from my car or from a studio with a view. I explore and a take time to plan my work, using pen, watercolour and gouache before progressing to oil paintings. Repeated attempts lead to an understanding of the landscape and ultimately the translation of that understanding into paint...


On painting trips, I seek out cliffs and mountains, vertical equivalents for the towers of the city.  I observe the light falling on black volcanic rocks in Cornwall, and the blue-grey limestone and granite of the Alps. Currently I am working on a series of paintings which link the views from many walks taken in the countryside near Oxford.


I also try to convey the movement of sky and tides through my brush strokes. My easel needs tent pegs to keep it down, layers of clothing are required against the cold, and my vehicle is piled high with equipment.



  • Cover of book - 'Katherine Mansfield and the Bloomsbury Group', Bloomsbury Publishing (Garsington Manor image)
  • Article in Standpoint magazine Jan 2013
  • Refreshing landscapes - Art of England magazine 2013
  • Profile article: "Relative Values" about Erin and her father in Sunday Times magazine May 2014
  • BBC Radio Oxford


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